Grateful Patient

My experience at Dr. Zambranos office was great as always. All the staff is very professional and caring. Thank you.

Grateful Patient

Dr. Zambrano has one of the best run, most efficient offices that I have ever visited. His staff is well trained, friendly and on the ball. It is a pleasure to refer family, friends and business associates to Dr. Zambrano. It’s a easy referral! Thank you.


Good Morning. My name is Jessica, I go to Dr. Zambranos office, usually the one in Miami Beach and sometimes the one in Coral Gables. I am very pleased with the services there. They are on time with all their appointments. The front desk is very courteous , the hygienists are amazing. So good job and thank you and I’d be happy to refer anyone I know that wants to get Invisalign to see Dr. Zambrano.

Happy Patient

My experience at Dr. Zambrano.. My daughter is a new patient there and everyone has been very nice. I am very pleased with the staff, Marie,Angie, Gloria and the people in the front. They’re extremely friendly.. They tend to cater the kids. I felt really good at the office, how they treat customers and how they are attentive to everybody’s questions and I observed a lot of hands on to whatever the person needs. I am very happy I picked Dr. Zambrano. My daughter enjoyed the visit. Wasn’t scared. They made her feel really comfortable.This is my 3rd visit and just the way they answer the phone, want to help you out if you have any questions. I am really happy I went there. I definitely will say to my friends to go there.. Marie was extremely helpful, called that night that she got braces on to see how she was feeling.. and Angie who made the whole arrangement was very friendly and nice. Dr. Zambrano was very personable very nice doctor.

Diana Alvarez

Dear Dr. Zambrano,

This is Diana Alvarez. I don’t know if you knew this, but, I found your office on the internet, and I’m glad I did. I made a call for an appointment, your staff made it very easy. They were very accommodating and always very helpful. I just wanted to tell you, and your staff, and anyone looking for the best orthodontic care in Miami, it is here in your office. I came to your office for a third opinion on my son’s teeth. The previous two orthodontists wanted to pull teeth to fix his large overbite. I had concerns about doing this. Dr. Zambrano, you were willing to listen to my concerns and you were willing to take on the task of straightening his overbite without pulling his teeth. You and your staff went above and beyond what anyone else would have done and you were always very kind and generous with your time. You and your staff always treated us as though we were family, and I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job that you did. He now has a very beautiful smile.”

If anyone is looking for the very best, it is there in your office, and you owe it to yourself to make a visit to Dr. Zambrano. Thank you again Dr. Zambrano.

Melanie M.

Such friendly staff! All of Dr. Zambrano’s assistants are super friendly and so nice! Always feels good to be there. My daughter age 10 never complains about going. They really make an effort to make the kids feel at ease.

William, Miami Beach, Florida

I am William from Miami Fl, I am a patient of Dr. Zambrano, and I’d like to thank him for the wonderful work he accomplished with the invisalign treatment process. His ability to show and explain how my teeth would straighten throughout the duration of the process gave me the confidence the experience. I’d also like the time to thank his friendly and professional staff for all of their attention and assistance throughout the duration of the process. Thanks for straightening the smile on my face.

Stacy Green, Miami Beach, Florida

Hi There my name is Stacy Green and i am from Miami Beach fl, and I am calling about the office of Jaime Zambrano and my invisalign experience. I just wanted to share the fact that his office staff was amazing and lovely, and professional. Everybody was very very good at what they did. Jaime was great, a perfectionist. And I’ve left this office so happy with my experience. So unbelievable amazed at what a difference it’s made in both my teeth as well as just the experience itself, it was fantastic and I can’t be happy enough. So thank you to all of them. Invisalign has changed how I look at myself in the mirror.

Steven, Miami, Florida

Steven Vogel, Key Biscayne. My overall experience was excellent. I was a little disappointed at first because during my first scheduled appointment Dr. Zambrano was not there to see me but that was corrected during the course of the treatment.And I really appreciate the interest he took in the overall treatment, and his desire to achieve absolute perfection. The office staff as well as medical techs the were excellent. I appreciated being attended to promptly. All my appointments I was never kept waiting more than 5 mins and that was greatly appreciated.

Marsha, Miami, Florida

My name is Marsha and my hometown is Miami, Florida. I want to say I had a wonderful experience with my orthodontic experience with Dr. Zambrano. I had a particularly complicated case because I had a fractured jaw previously so my treatment took a little longer than average but I do appreciate that instead of rushing the braces. We did take the time to get my smile perfect. I felt really welcome and at home here with the staff. Everybody is really friendly and super-attentive and super supportive. I met Dr. Graybill but most of my treatment was done with Dr. Zambrano, who is pretty much a perfectionist and is a master at his craft. Today I got my top braces off and I come back in a week to get my lowers and I probably wouldn’t trade my experience for the world. I did my research in picking an orthodontist and I think I picked the best. Come and have your treatment here – I love everyone here! Thanks!