Leah Gellar, Miami, Florida

Hi, this is Leah Gellar, I’m from Miami, Florida, and I’m 18 years old. I’ve had braces for three years and I’ve had a great end result so thank you Dr. Zambrano for everything you’ve done. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and I really appreciate it.

Joanne S., Miami Springs, Florida

Hi, my name is Joanne S., my hometown is Miami Springs, Florida and my experience here has been excellent. I had surgery in March and Dr. Zambrano is my orthodontist and everything came out great and I’m very, very happy and very thankful for his service. And his staff is awesome, they’re all very nice and very accommodating and I’m going to miss all of them now that I have my braces off.

Arita, Miami

Arita from Miami. This office is great. They fixed my teeth, I have a perfect smile, they are very professional, you can get appointments at any time and I’m very, very happy.

Roberta, Miami, FL

Hi, this is Roberta from Miami, Florida and I just wanted to say that my experience of having my teeth straightened at Dr. Zambrano’s office. The office was wonderful every step of the way; his staff took care of me and I felt like they really took their time considering how and what was the best way to straighten my teeth. It was just wonderful and Dr. Zambrano is extremely professional. I feel like he listens and they want to make sure that your teeth are perfect so I would highly recommend him and his staff, who are terrific.

Giselle, Coral Gables, Florida

Hi, my name is Giselle; I’m from Coral Gables, Florida. Well here in Dr. Grable & Zambrano’s dental and orthodontist office, it has been a great pleasure for me. They have always been patient, always gentle with me; it’s never bruised or anything. It was always calm and nice; I loved it here, absolutely. It was a pleasure and an honor to be here and be attended by all these people. They’ve been very kind to me and I thank them for everything they do. Thank you.

Shiara Garcia, Miami, FL

Hi, my name is Shiara Garcia and my hometown is Miami, Florida and I just wanted to thank Dr. Grable and Dr. Zambrano for all of their attention from the beginning to the end of my experience. I’ve had from the staff, the assistants, the doctor help and support and unbelievable great service. To me it’s been the best experience I’ve had. And again, I thank them; I’m very, very happy with my service; courteous, attentive. They’ve always answered and are willing to go the extra mile to answer and get any information whether its questions over my treatment and insurance and they’re more than happy to be willing to work with me and every patient they have. Again, I just want to say thank you very much and it’s been a great experience. Thanks!

Jake, Austin, Texas

“Hi, this is Jake from Austin, Texas. I would just like to say that Dr. Zambrano and his entire staff are amazing and very cordial every time I come in. They have great smiles on their face and are always great at everything they do. They’re very talented and definitely people to visit.”

Sheridan Haimline, Miami, Florida

Hi my name is Sheridan Haimline and I live in Miami, Florida. I came to Dr. Zambrano for invisalign because my teeth were crooked, my two front teeth in the front were really overlapped and it just looked crowded and I wanted to have my smile back. I had braces when I was younger and didn’t want them as an adult so I decided to do invisalign. It was the best experience and it changed everything so it was a really positive experience, my teeth are perfectly straight and it took less than a year for me to straighten my teeth when I had the invisalign; it wasn’t even uncomfortable to wear. People barely even noticed that I had anything in my mouth and it was comfortable. Dr. Zambrano is amazing and it just went by so quickly and I could not have asked for better results. It was a life changing experience and one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m so happy with how my teeth turned out; I get complimented left and right about how amazing my teeth look. So it was the best thing ever and I’m so glad I did it and I would recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to straighten out their teeth.

Arlene Kravitz, Miami, Florida

Hi my name is Arlene Kravitz from Miami, Florida. I enjoyed the treatment very much and I’m very happy and satisfied with the end results. My teeth are beautiful and perfect and all the staff and doctor were always patient with me and understanding, and careful and kind and I’m ecstatic and highly recommend them to anybody for their work because I am super satisfied with my teeth.

Lizbet Delgado, Miami, Florida

Lizbet Delgado, Miami Florida. The invisalign system has been an awesome experience. My teeth look absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend it to anybody, especially those that are professionals that have to deal with the public and have lots of different meetings. Having to use the invisalign system has the same type of alignment compared to the teeth as you would regular braces and they’re really easy to maintain, they’re really easy on the mouth and I would highly recommend it to anybody. My experience with Dr. Zambrano has been absolutely wonderful; his whole team, the office, in terms of working with me whenever I had a little obstacle and also waiting to see that my teeth were absolutely perfect. So now I can smile with all the confidence in the world and I know that my teeth look beautiful and they will be lasting for years and years to come. Thank you very much.